November 22, 2023
USW Local 1944 adds its voice to the growing chorus of labour organizations, faith communities, advocacy groups, and activists working tirelessly to end the campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.
This Union condemns all violence towards innocents. By extension, we condemn the attack that took place on October 7th in the strongest possible terms.
What is also evident is that this conflict did not begin on October 7th. Any efforts to re-write history have no moral legitimacy. For decades, the Palestinian people have been subjected to some of the worst violence, dispossession, and discrimination of the modern era.
Israel is widely considered to be an apartheid state by human rights non-profits around the world, and this Union will always be on the side of justice. 
As the atrocities and war crimes in Palestine continue to mount - Palestinian unions have appealed to the broader labour movement for support. We hear their call!
At this juncture, USW Local 1944 is calling for the following:
• An immediate ceasefire in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 
• An immediate end to the blockade of Gaza and the restoration of humanitarian aid
• The immediate, safe return of all hostages and civilians being held in detention without charge
USW Local 1944 recognizes the leverage that unions hold in Canada, the United States, and around the world. We request that our leaders use this influence to help facilitate an end to this conflict.
Short of these objectives being achieved in the immediate, this tragedy could quickly escalate into the mass extermination of the Palestinian people. 
USW Local 1944 would like to express our sorrow and empathy for all those who have suffered pain and deprivation from both past and recent acts of hostility in this decades-old conflict. 
We condemn all forms of racism, as well as Islamophobia and anti-Semitic acts. 
Lastly, we pledge to support the building of inclusive and hate-free workplaces and to fight back against the efforts of governments and employers to thwart free speech and intellectual freedom.
Solidarity forever!
Donna Hokiro
President, USW Local 1944