MAP Communications Bargaining Update #2 - February 2, 2022

February 2, 2022 - On February 1st, the Union and Company met to begin bargaining a revised collective agreement for our members working at MAP Communications.

The Company bargaining committee consists of chief negotiator Ron Waine, Vice President, Operations (Canada), Ashley Grodecki, and Tasha Walker.

In preparation for bargaining, the Union surveyed the membership and learned job security and work-life balance are top priorities of the members.

With that information, we prepared bargaining proposals that are fair and reasonable. Our proposals seek improvements to wages, job security, work-life balance and a benefits package that properly rewards our members.

The Union was surprised the Company did not table bargaining proposals until they had received and reviewed our proposals first.

Once we eventually received the Company’s proposals on February 1st, the parties then began exploratory discussions to ensure a mutual understanding of the Company’s proposals.

As is common in negotiations, both parties are addressing non-monetary issues first. There was some agreement by the parties on a few proposals, which is encouraging at this stage of negotiations.

Please remember that your current collective agreement is still in effect and continues until a renewed agreement is ratified by the membership.

Additional bargaining dates are scheduled for February 4th, February 25th and March 1st.

We will provide additional bargaining updates as negotiations continue.

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In Solidarity,

Your Unit 63 - MAP Bargaining Committee
Louise Davis
Steve McWhirter, Local Union Representative
Perry Pasqualetto, Local Union Representative

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