When: Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019 - Thursday, Oct 31, 2019, (All day)


Women's History Month

October is Women's History Month. Local 1944 celebrates the past and present generations of sisters active in the labour movement, who fought, or are still fighting, for equality at work through collective bargaining and leadership development. Women and girls have always made a positive and lasting impact on our country, and continue to do so.

What you can do to honour Women's History Month

- Join the "Done Waiting" Movement: The Canadian Labour Congress is organizing its "Done Waiting" campaign, to end wage discrimination, end sexual harassment and violence, and fix the childcare crisis.  Support the movement at www.donewaiting.ca/sign_up.
- Get involved with our Women of Steel: The Women of Steel program encourages women to be leaders within the Local Union. More information at https://usw1944.ca/women-steel-committee. Contact the Local 1944 Women of Steel committee: womenofsteel@usw1944.ca.
- Attend one of the events listed below.

Events dedicated to women in October

- On October 4th, communities across Canada come together to honour the lives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls. Show solidarity with families of stolen sisters by attending a vigil in your community.
- On October 11th, we celebrate the "International Day of the Girl", promoting equal treatment and opportunities for girls in areas such as law, health care, nutrition, freedom from violence and abuse.
- October 18th commemorates "Persons Day", an early victory for gender equality activism with the historic decision to include women in the legal definition of "persons" in 1929.