When: Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019 - Monday, Apr 15, 2019, (All day)


Training opportunity in Calgary and Edmonton from April 10-15, 2019

Have you ever wondered why our Union is politically involved? Big businesses, landlords and other anti-worker lobbyists are all engaged and active so this is how we as workers participate in democracy to ensure our voice is heard! Politics and laws have a big impact on our workplaces around bargaining as well as in our communities and social programs.

Local 1944 is offering a fully paid course about political engagement, Steelworkers Vote, from April 10-15, 2019 in both Calgary and Edmonton. The course is aimed at getting out the vote on April 16th! This course empowers you to have the political discussions with friends, families, neighbours and other members of the voting public.

These sessions are for any USW member who is interested in becoming politically active. Training will focus on why the Union is politically active, understanding Alberta politics, how elections work, etc. Both experienced and novice activists are welcome.

If you are interested in taking this course and learning more about making a difference for the political party that supports you and your Union, please email [email protected].