Ontario Votes – Municipal and school board elections

October 16, 2018 - The 2018 Ontario municipal and school board elections will be held on Monday, October 22, 2018.

You are eligible to vote in the election for municipal council and school board if you meet all of the following requirements:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Aged 18 or older
  • If you are either a resident of the municipality or property owner or tenant during a specified time just before the election.

In order to be able to cast a ballot in a municipal council or school board election, your name needs to be on the voters’ list as an elector. Find out if you are on the voters’ list.

Workers in Ontario are entitled to 3 hours of voting time

On October 22, every worker in Ontario is allowed to be absent for 3 hours of voting time, during voting hours – however, this does not mean you can take 3 hours off work, and  your employer may decide when it would be most convenient for you to be absent in order to vote.

For more information about the elections, refer to the Voters’ guide 2018 for Ontario municipal council and school board elections.

Click here to see the list of regional labour councils in Ontario to find labour endorsed candidates.

Steelworker members are running for election

Steelworker values are progressive values, guiding the fight for workers’ rights. This is why USW Local 1944 asks our members to support Steelworkers who are running for municipal office in their wards:

  • Phil Pocock, a member of USW Local 1944, Unit 503, is running for Deputy Mayor for the Town of Essex (www.facebook.com/philpocockfordeputymayor).
  • Jim McColl, a member of USW Local 1005, is running for Hamilton City Council in Ward 7 (http://mccollforward7.com).
  • Dennis Van Meer, a member of USW Local 1005, is running for St. Catharine’s City Council in Ward 5 (www.electvanmeer.ca).
  • Walied Khogali, a member of USW and a NextGen activist, is running for Toronto City Council in Ward 13 (www.votewalied.ca).
  • Jeff Richardson, from the USW Canadian National Office, is running for City Council in Cambridge in Ward 2 (www.jeffrichardson.ca).

Get out and vote!

USW Local 1944 encourages our members to get involved in politics because working people’s voices and concerns need to be part of the Union’s democratic discussion. Laws and politics have a big impact on workplaces and communities, and together we can be a force for positive change.

In Solidarity,


USW Local 1944