Members as of July 25, 2019


Employee Life & Health Plan Trustees

Czar Loquia
Richard Scanks
Rachel Worley
Denise Chisholm - REO BC

Pension Trustees - TWPP

Isabelle Miller - National President
Michael Phillips - Secretary-Treasurer
Czar Loquia
Chris Stephens


Civil and Human Rights 
Bill Clarke - AB
Marie Hutchinson - AB 
Candace Knoll - BC
Keller Reeves - BC 
Lauren Harrington - ON 
Kelly Barron – ON

Widmarc Innocent – QC
Vacant - QC
Cory Anderson - 
AB Alternate
Chris Endicott - BC
Vacant - ON Alternate
Vacant - QC Alternate
Brooke Downey - REO ON, ex-Officio
Email: [email protected]
Worker's compensation and Health & Safety 

Corey Mandryk – Shaw
Karen Hannah-Masse - AB 
Greg Kadey - AB
Michelle Dey - BC 
John Sambrooke - BC 
Katherine Leung - ON
Vacant - ON
Danis Bouffard - QC
Max Deveau - QC
Keller Reeves - Alternate Shaw
John Alma - Alternate AB North
Paul Hutchinson - Alternate AB South
Gene Granstrom - Alternate BC
Vacant - Alternate ON 
Diana Latif - Alternate QC
David Skrober - REO AB, ex-Officio
Jayson Little - REO BC, ex-Officio
Email: [email protected]

Next Generation Committee Next Generation Committee Webpage
Kyle Johnston - AB
Carla Ayles - AB
Bianca Tharani - AB Alternate
Katelyn Armstrong - BC

Vacant - BC
Vacant - ON
Vacant - ON
Darryl Barnes - QC
Vacant - QC
Pierre-Luc Dick - REO, ex-Officio
Jordan Mohle - Trustee, ex-Officio
Email: [email protected]

Political Action Political Action Webpage

Richard Blais – AB 
Jennifer Dunsmore - AB
Nancy McCurrach - BC 
Alina Gherghinoiu – BC 
Kelly Barron - ON 
Robert Briza - QC 
Alexander Livingston - QC 
Steve Durrell – REO AB, ex-Officio 
Michelle Ravary - Trustee, ex-Officio
Email: [email protected]

Women of Steel Committee 
Valerie Kung - AB 
Sandra Hewko - AB 
Julie Charbonneau - BC 
Sabrina Daniells - BC 
Rachel Worley - BC 
Natasha Aodan - ON
Vacant - QC 
Denise Chisholm - REO BC, ex-Officio and

Donna Hokiro - Ex-Officio and co-Chair
Email: [email protected]

Organizing Committee
Jayson Little - REO BC
Pierre-Luc Dick - REO QC
Michael Phillips - Secretary-Treasurer
Donna Hokiro - Vice-President
Email: [email protected]



Employment Equity Committee
Marton Szabo
Jordan Mohle - Trustee
Tricia Watt - Local Union Rep ON
Brooke Downey - REO ON

JEMS Committee
(Clerical Job Classifications/Evaluation)
Steve Durrell - REO AB
Denise Chisholm - REO BC
Tamara Marshall - Local Union Rep BC
Juanita West - Local Union Rep AB

: President Isabelle Miller is an Ex-Officio to all Local 1944 Committees.