Your #RiseUP Travelling Solidarity Flag

As members throughout our Union #RiseUP to show Telus we need an improved Collective Agreement, there’s now a new way to show your solidarity with your coworkers across the country: Sign the #RiseUP Flag!

As part of PUMA’s #RiseUP campaign, our new #RiseUP Flag has begun its journey to travel to as many Units across our nation and members are free to sign it, stick buttons on it, whatever suits your fancy to show your Union pride and support for bargaining. The first stop was Unit 7 in BC’s Lower Mainland last Friday. Members came out to the Taphouse Coquitlam to reunite, socialize, and talk Union. For many this was the first time being together since the Covid-19 pandemic started more than 2 years ago. Thanks to the whole gang who signed the Flag before sending it on its way!

We are looking forward to seeing where the flag will stop next, as members unite across the country. Stay tuned to your Unit networks for the date when you will be invited to your own Unit’s Flag event.

Let’s #RiseUP together in solidarity with our Bargaining Committee,

USW Local 1944