You aren't impressed!

When the Company chose to bargain directly with YOU last week by emailing you a summary of their offer on the same day they presented it to your Bargaining Committee, they were attempting to undermine your Union. They felt that they had the ‘pulse’ of the Members and that you’d buy what they were selling.

However, from the moment their email went out, the Union office has been flooded with your messages from across the country saying one thing loud and clear – You aren’t impressed!

Telus has shown that they are out of touch with your needs and with your determination to obtain an improved Collective Agreement. We thought we would share a fraction of the comments we’ve read in our emails, on Facebook, and in the Unit chats.

*Please note that profane language has been removed from some messages.

** Some comments have been translated from their original form.


  • 23 years of concessions is enough unless every concession is off the table. Then maybe I would consider it. But when you're eroding the workforce, our benefits and language for 11.5% over six years. It’s laughable.
  • Things have changed as of late. There's a big shortage of workers. Power is shifting. We need to stand united and get what is deserved.
  • I let my bargaining team do the talking. If DE wants to deal, he does so with the bargaining team. PERIOD! ✊✊
  • It’s what is in the fine print...Don't jump for what looks like easy cash... It's not what it seems.
  • That said, it doesn't matter because it's a much worse offer now, especially with current inflation. Give us wages and no concessions.
  • I will be holding strong with the bargaining committee and my fellow members. That "final deal" will not be final. I won't fall for distraction tactics.
  • Sneaky... Darren sent emails to everyone through their corporate email to entice those team members not educated or aware of what's going on with bargaining.
  • It’s funny that he didn’t mention what they’re taking away, only what they’re giving, lol.
  • It is garbage if there are still significant concessions being demanded by the company. Don’t be fooled, anybody, by a few $. Keep your eyes on the prize and support your bargaining committee.
  • My wage is more important, and at the end of the day, we're worth more than a lump sum of $5000, and I hope we all know that we deserve more.
  • I personally don’t care about a lump sum; I want a raise. Period
  • As an indigenous team member, it's appalling that my Bargaining Committee is having to fight to get Truth and Reconciliation Day. The fact that the company is trying to make me GIVE UP something in order to celebrate a holiday that is to recognize just how much has been lost and given up already is shameful. Maybe Darren should take up some indigenous values of Potlatch where those who have give generously to those around them to lift everyone up. If you truly stand for reconciliation like you claim all over social media stand up and prove it.
  • If anything in that email were in our best interest, he wouldn't be sending it out after hours on the Friday of a long weekend. I'm standing by our Bargaining committee.
  • 97% strike vote, and the Friday of a long weekend, they put out a company-wide email to avoid an injunction till Monday morning. Darren’s scared, and he’s desperate. This guy makes 19.76 million a year, about 76k a day. And he’s trying to sound magnanimous by giving us something better than the minimum allowed by federal law. Thanks, bud.
  • We have to stay strong and show the company that the right to have security and work-life balance can't be bought so cheaply.
  • I'm insulted, enraged, and angry.
  • Lots of blah blah blah and ZERO information about what they're taking away
  • Well that was interesting read! I didn’t see any “final offer,” though. We will have to see what our bargaining team has to say regarding their meeting and get a holistic view. I love how there is no mention of concessions. This email reads to me more like, “here’s some money, now let’s move on.” Although money and wage increases are desirable, there are other issues and language regarding work conditions, scheduling, pension, and benefits, that have yet to get resolved.
  • Did anyone notice how he didn’t talk about any of the concessions in that email? Just the money.
  • The negotiation process is like buying a new car. They want to confuse and mislead you into thinking you are getting a great deal just so you sign on the dotted line. Clearly, the only party benefiting from THAT offer is the one who made it. Don't be misled by them dangling a carrot in front of you.