The Women of Steel Committee releases a series of four Special Publications

July 28, 2020 - Members of the Women of Steel Committee have been working on a series of four Special Publications addressing common mental health issues, including burnout. They will be releasing one publication each month. All four publications are inter-linked and ready now if you wish to read ahead for further information.

Two different formats have been developed so that members can read the publications either on a computer or on a smartphone. The links below allow for a selection of your preferred device. 

The first publication is now available online: 

Women of Steel Committee Special Publication #1
Burnout, Anxiety, Stress and Depression
Laptop | Smartphone

“A recent membership survey shows a large number of members are struggling and reporting diminished mental health. Some members struggle with isolation or newly-altered working conditions/expectations, many with unrealistic performance demands, most with emotional customer interactions. All of which is increasing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and potentially burnout. The Women of Steel Committee believes these special publications will be of benefit to members,” said Denise Chisholm, Chair of the WOS committee. “Mental Health and or Burnout can affect everyone: you, a Brother or Sister in the workplace, a family member, a friend. Being informed may help members recognize the signs and symptoms, and hopefully, enable access to resources and or treatment at the right time for themselves or be able to help those around in need.”

These communication pieces have been created in the spirit of education and empowerment.

In Solidarity,

Women of Steel USW Local 1944 Committee
Donna Hokiro, Denise Chisholm, Terika Peters, Alina Gherghinoiu, Gigi Wojdyga, Rachel Worley, Sabrina Daniells, and Natasha Aodan