USW Local 1944 welcomes 200+ workers from ADT Security by Telus

January 5, 2022 - The Local is honoured and excited to announce that over 200 call-centre workers employed at ‘ADT Security by Telus’ have been successfully organized and are officially the newest members of the Local 1944 family.

Since these workers at ADT Security by Telus in Calgary, Alberta, first met our Local’s Organizing team back in February 2021, the barriers that had to be overcome were certainly not small or for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, Local 1944 continued along this long and sometimes difficult process undeterred, filing for certification in June 2021 with the Alberta Labour Relations Board (ALRB), which allowed for a vote in September. The ALRB counted ballots yesterday, January 4th, 2022, and announced an amazingly strong mandate of 79% voting in favour of joining our Local Union.

“This vote was successful because workers know that a union will make their workplace a better one,” said Pierre-Luc Dick, National Vice-President of USW Local 1944. “For too long, big corporations such as Telus have been pursuing bottom-line profits over the people that work for them and taking advantage of their non-unionized workforce by not fairly rewarding the work that they do. This victory not only belongs to the newly organized workers but also to the telecom sector workers in Canada. We are very happy and proud to welcome these new members into our ranks, and we will work together to ensure that they receive the respect and proper working conditions that they deserve.”

“What fantastic news to start the New Year,” said National President Donna Hokiro. “I wish to welcome all of our new members into our Union family. We will work tirelessly every day as we seek to lift up and support them in their day-to-day working lives. I want to thank everyone involved in this initiative from the beginning to the end for their vision, dedication, and relentless determination. Special accolades go to Jenn Turner, Executive Board member and Trustee of the Local, and Steve Durrell, previous Executive Board member. I want to also recognize the activists from within the workgroup for rising up and demanding better for themselves and others. My gratitude will be everlasting. We will keep the members appraised in the coming days of the next steps, including electing a bargaining team to negotiate a first Collective Agreement.”

“The USW has been great to work with, assisting us with our goal of organizing our call centre,” said a worker from ADT. “I know the union believes in us, and they will be there to support us in our negotiations with Telus. We look forward to becoming members of the Steelworkers and participating within our new Union.”

Telus acquired ADT Security Services Canada in 2019.

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944