USW Local 1944 delegation meets with MPs

Hello Members,
On November 29, USW Local 1944 was in Ottawa to push for support for Canadian telecommunications jobs - including tying the $20 billion in government telecommunications contracts to Canadian jobs and bringing in federal anti-scab legislation now to ban the use of scabs in labour disputes.
Please see video below showing: USW Local 1944 President Donna Hokiro, NDP MP and Labour Critic Alexandre Boulerice and NDP MP and Deputy Labour Critic Matthew Green speaking at a press conference on Parliament Hill.
President Hokiro said : 
"We propose three federal actions to ensure good jobs in Canada's telecom sector :
-      Improve and pass anti-scab legislation.
-      Use procurement dollars to support Canadian companies.
-      Ensure only companies creating and supporting Canadian jobs access spectrum auctions.
We appreciate the government's historic anti-scab legislation and once this bill gets to committee, we urge that the loopholes that still allow scabs will be closed and the 18 month delay will be scrapped."
She shed light on recent instances of job cuts, emphasizing that access to spectrum auctions should be contingent on telecom companies supporting Canadian workers, referring to it as the "ultimate carrot" for these corporations. She thanked all of 1944’s delegation for their participation and activism and for lobbying the hill on behalf of our members and communities.
Your involvement in this crucial cause is paramount. Stay informed, stay engaged, and let your voice resonate! Advocate for the implementation of anti-scab legislation (C-58) by reaching out to your MP and rallying support for this critical bill.
Together, in solidarity, we have the power to make a difference and shape a brighter future for Canada's telecom sector. Together, we can make a difference!
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944