USW Local 1944 at the 6th UNI Global Union World Congress: Uniting for a Stronger Future

In the heart of Philadelphia, a landmark event unfolded as thousands of dedicated union leaders from across the globe congregated for the 6th UNI Global Union World Congress. The United Steelworkers sent a small delegation of only seven people from the entire organization and our President, Donna Hokiro was thrilled to be included in the delegation represented USW Local 1944. We were honoured to be part of this prestigious gathering that marked a pivotal moment in the global labour movement.

The sheer magnitude of over 1000 activists taking to the streets in support of a fair contract for SEIU Local BJ32 on the third day underscored the gravity of the Congress. This action is perhaps why two days later a tentative deal was indeed reached.

From every corner of the world, union leaders from the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Burkina Faso, Sri Lanka, Finland, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, and more, united under the banner of global solidarity. The unanimous passage of motions, most notably "Changing the Rules for a Just and Inclusive Global Economy," demonstrated our collective commitment to addressing the pressing challenges of our time. As we navigate the digital age, the Congress highlighted the significance of our interconnectedness and how vital it is to rise against inequality, racism, and discrimination together.

Day two resonated with passionate speeches that echoed the spirit of unity and purpose. Delegates from Colombia and Belgium, among others, passionately addressed the motion "Rising Together for Peace, Democracy & Human Rights." Our presence was felt not only within the Congress walls but also beyond, as we ventured to New Brunswick, New Jersey, standing in solidarity with USW Local 4-200, a group of valiant nurses striking for safe staffing and patient care. The resilience of these nurses, facing a harsh employer tactic, stirred determination in us all. President Hokiro took to the mic and addressed our courageous siblings delivering a heartfelt commitment of Steel Solidarity, she said, “there is no border that can divide us and we stand with you until the very end when victory shall be yours.” She also bought greetings from the Canadian Directors, Scott Lunny, Myles Sullivan and Dominic Lemieux as well as from the Canadian National Director Marty Warren.

Amid the dynamic discourse, the Congress took on an unmistakable urgency, passing vital motions such as "Uniting for a Sustainable World" and "Rising Together for Youth." Dynamic speakers graced the podium, lending their support to these motions and amplifying the collective voice of the global labour movement.

In the ever-shrinking world enabled by technology, this year's UNI Global Union World Congress transcended geographical boundaries. It illuminated the path forward, where collective action, mutual support, and unwavering determination pave the way for a more equitable world. From the bustling streets of Philadelphia to the picket lines in New Jersey, the message was clear: USW Local 1944 is part of the larger global labour movement, we stand together, we rise together, for peace, justice, and the rights of all workers.

In Solidarity

USW Local 1944