Understanding Your Concierge Payout

December 16, 2021 - The Union has been fielding many questions since the Concierge Award was announced in October. Members have been patient, but have questions.

Below is a sampling of the questions we are receiving and the answers we are providing.

Q – When will I get paid?
The first payout, for some members, is happening on December 16th, 2021.

Q – I worked in Concierge but was told I was not on the list of payout recipients, now what?
A – If you have already been in contact with either Tamara Marshall or Juanita West, we have your name and the Company is currently working with us to determine the full list of members owed monies, and what they are owed.

Q – I was told I was on the list but I’m not seeing a payout, why?
A – There are a handful of members who did work in Concierge but are not receiving a payout due to where they were on the wage step progression, and also the resetting of the six (6) month timeframe for progressing wage steps. For example if your typical six (6) month period was March & October and you switched roles prior to the six (6) months by changing roles that resets the six (6) months. *{This is rare but has occurred with a few members}.

Q – Why isn’t everyone getting the same amount, we all did the same role?
A – The payout is based on hours worked including overtime, how long and what wage progression step you were at.

Q – I don’t see it on my December 16th payroll did I miss out?
A – No, the majority of payments were keyed in time for the December 16th payroll run but there are few outliers that are still being reconciled with an anticipated January 12th payout.

Q – I don’t think they paid me the correct amount or for the correct timeframe.
A – If you feel that either time or money is incorrect please let the Union know by emailing [email protected] and a Local Representative will be in contact.

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944