Telus' Ongoing Payroll Nightmare

Hello members,
Our members are currently facing an incomprehensible failure in the new Telus payroll system, causing severe consequences for all of us across the country. This has been an eight-week nightmare that mirrors the infamous "Phoenix 2.0" debacle.
The repercussions are hitting hard – some of our members are being underpaid by thousands, dealing with uncompensated overtime, and experiencing inaccuracies in deductions. Adding to the chaos, Telus is seeking rectification by deducting from paycheques right before Christmas.
It's not just discontent; it's severe hardship. Many of you are now auditing your own paycheques for mistakes caused by a system that seems to ignore the true scope of the problem. Telus appears oblivious, and this crisis is threatening the very foundation of our worker-employer relationship – fair compensation for the work we do.
Telus has knowingly violated the terms of our collective agreement regarding our pay. Despite our patience and giving Telus time to fix the issue or revert to the previous system, they persist in abusing their management rights. Recent cuts and offshoring of thousands of Canadian jobs indicate a larger problem from which Telus seems unable to recover.
We condemn Telus' blatant disregard for our well-being and financial stability. We, the hard-working employees who form the backbone of this company, deserve better. USW Local 1944 stands resolute in demanding immediate action, accountability, and an end to this payroll nightmare.
We won't stand idly by. It's time to unite, demand justice, and ensure Telus lives up to its responsibilities.
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944