Telus members: Announcing the Project for United Membership Action

February 21, 2020

Are you tired of…

Unrealistic metrics?
Unfair discipline given to you or others?
Excessive training on job duties you didn’t sign up for?
Worse Collective Agreements every round of bargaining?
Have you been waiting for a real way to fight back, for yourself, and for your coworkers?

Join the Project For United Membership Action today!

During the 2015-2016 set of collective bargaining negotiations with Telus, Local 1944 established CAT, the Communication Action Team. CAT teams are standard throughout the United Steelworkers, however, your Local leadership recognizes that a new and permanent network of active members is required to ensure that workers can bring pressure to bear on our employer, not only during bargaining but at all times.

With this in mind, CAT has been now replaced with the Project for United Membership Action (PUMA). This network will bring the full power of a United and Fed Up workforce to bear on Telus, its unfair work practices, and its drive to force pay and working conditions as low as they can go.


PUMA will engage in member-to-member communication, education, and collective workplace campaigns to show Telus that its Unionized workforce must be respected. And we will do so NOW so that by Bargaining 2021, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Campaign #1 – Reality Check

Telus asks for our honest opinion in its PulseCheck surveys, yet the Union consistently receives reports of team meetings where members are told there will be negative consequences for the department if PulseCheck scores are low. Added to this is members’ suspicion that the results are not as anonymous as the company says. Our solution: “RealityCheck”, a survey that asks many of the same questions as PulseCheck, but guarantees you the freedom to tell the whole truth about your employer.

But your Union needs members like you to sign up as PUMA volunteers to make sure that every member takes our RealityCheck survey. This means recruiting a PUMA Workplace Prime in every workplace (or floor) and a PUMA Team Prime on every team. The company might call this “Active Disengagement” but we call it Fighting Back for Workplace Justice.

To volunteer to be involved at any level, email [email protected] today and make a difference for yourself and your coworkers! 

Hard copies of this poster are being mailed now to PUMA Primes throughout the country, to be posted on Union Boards. In the meantime, please print these out for your own Union Board.

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944