Support your Bargaining Committee with 97% Strike Mandate Backgrounds, Twibbons, and more

Members have been asking what they can do to help support their Bargaining Committee to obtain an improved Collective Agreement. The key is to support your Bargaining Committee whenever and wherever possible, so that the Company knows that we won’t rest until we are treated fairly and respectfully.

For that purpose, we’ve posted various materials on our Digital Union Board that promote the amazing 97% Strike Mandate you gave your Committee and other bargaining-related materials.

These include Desktop Backgrounds, Google Profile Pics, and Printouts for Union Boards.

Find it all here: 

You can also download a Twibbon for your Facebook or Twitter profile pic by clicking on the following link, selecting “Login to add Twibbon,” and following the instructions.

Find the Twibbons here:

You are legally permitted to use Union materials anywhere you would be allowed to use personal materials. For example, if you could put a picture of a dog as your background or profile pic, you can put a Union logo.

Please display these materials loudly and proudly to help us all get a better Collective Agreement.


In Strength and Solidarity,

USW Local 1944