Stand up against The “Kenney Recession”

November 5, 2019 - “I was at the legislature late into the night on Wednesday, October 30, listening to debate of Bills 20 and 21 at second reading,” said Acting President Donna Hokiro. “UCP’s broken promises are going to hurt a lot, especially to those most vulnerable. We, regular workers, will be left to pay for the government’s giveaways to the rich. Our children will suffer, our seniors will suffer, working parents will suffer. Our brothers, sisters and friends who will be affected first are nurses, paramedics, social workers, teachers, those dedicated to the public good and those that they serve. Both the public and private sectors are in the same basket: when they come for one, they come for all. We cannot afford a race to the bottom. I’m standing up and I’m fighting back, I hope others will join me. We will not be silent! No justice no peace!”

Join other union members to send a strong message to the Legislature.
Calgary City Hall – Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 12:00 to 1:00 pm

What is our message?

No to Health Care cuts!
No to Education cuts!
No to increased property taxes!
No to increased income taxes!
No to wage roll backs!
No to attacks on workers’ collective bargaining rights!
No to pro-scab legislation!
No to paying for corporate tax giveaways on the backs of the working class!

What is happening and how does it impact working Albertans?

The UCP Government is attacking our unions, brothers and sisters in the public sector, and the services our members and their families rely on.

According to the newly released Alberta Federation of Labour’s report, the UCP fiscal plan is bad for Alberta’s economy. It “will kill as many as 114,000 jobs, split between the public and private sectors, and ‘put Alberta on a short path to economic recession’. […] The recommendations promote an ideology of a smaller and less effective government that only serves the interest of the wealthy elite. […] Kenney blew a huge hole in the budget with his ‘Job Creation’ corporate tax cuts, the $4.5 billion giveaway to profitable corporations that has failed to create jobs, and he is now forcing Albertans to take drastic and unnecessary cuts to public services so that large profitable corporations can pay less in taxes. […] The impact of this budget on public services in Alberta will be catastrophic. The economic impact of these cuts will be equally dramatic.”

“The UCP ran on promises of jobs and economic growth: but with this budget, Albertans will be getting the opposite of those things,” said Alberta Federation of Labour president Gil McGowan. “[…] Albertans will pay for the corporate tax giveaways in the form of lost services, lost jobs and lost wages.”

#standupfightback for the working class and your own interests!

We encourage Brothers and Sisters in Alberta to follow those leading the resistance on social media, and to participate in the resistance events they organize as often as possible.

Alberta Federation of Labour: | Facebook and Twitter @ABFedLabour
Alberta NDP: | Facebook and Twitter @albertaNDP
Alberta Teachers Association: | Facebook @ABTeachers | Twitter @albertateachers
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees: | Facebook @yourAUPE | Twitter @_AUPE_
CUPE-Alberta: | Facebook @CupeAlberta | Twitter @CupeAB
Health Sciences Association of Alberta: | Facebook and Twitter @HSAAlberta
Next Alberta: | Facebook and Twitter @nextalberta
Parkland Institute: | Facebook @PrklndInst | Twitter @ParklandInst
Public Interest Alberta: | Facebook and Twitter @PIAlberta
UFCW Local 401: | Facebook and Twitter @UFCW401
United Nurses of Alberta: | Facebook and Twitter @UnitedNurses

Join the resistance and find events near you! 

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944