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Once again this year, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) will host students from across BC at their Winter School at Harrison Hot Springs from January 15 to 20, 2023. USW Local 1944 calls for members to submit applications to attend, from which only a few will be selected. 
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Please note that only members from BC will be selected to participate. If you are interested in joining the CLC Winter School, you have until December 9, 2022, 4:00 PM PST to fill out the form below with your personal information, a description of why you would like to attend, and a choice of courses. For more information about the CLC Winter School, click here.
***See below the list of the available courses to choose from***
Available courses
Intro to Digital Organizing
Have you been trying to figure how best to weave digital organizing strategies and tactics into your union’s work? If so, this training is for you. Over the course of five days, we teach you the basics and offer tips and tricks for seamlessly integrating digital into your union work.
Facing Management Effectively
This course will look at economic, political, social forces at play between union and management. It will examine the roles and rights of each group and the different types of union/management relationships and styles.
Member Engagement-Member Action
This course is designed for experienced shop stewards, local union leaders and union staff who want to transform how members engage with their union and how their union engages with members.
Health & Safety Level 1
This introductory Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) course will introduce committee members and worker representatives to the basic principles of workplace health and safety.
Basics of Organizing & Campaigns
The BCFED Organizing Institute training covers the basics of union organizing to build power within our unions and to organize new workers into unions. This is an opportunity to learn and practice leading effective organizing conversations with peers and experienced organizers from across our movement.
Parliamentary Procedure & Public Speaking
This is a two-part course. Parliamentary Procedure covers how to run a meeting effectively, the duties of a chairperson and secretary, and how the rules of order can provide a democratic and fair process to get the business of the union accomplished.
Steward Training Level 1
The steward is often the main point of contact between the union, its members, management, and the larger labour movement. This course builds the skills, confidence, and knowledge a steward needs to represent their members.
Transforming Conflict into Union Activism
Transforming Conflict into Union Activism approaches conflict in a novel way. It recognizes that conflict isn’t always negative but that it is the outcome of the conflict that is negative or positive.
Women in Leadership
This course offers union women an opportunity to develop and enhance their leadership skills and knowledge in a variety of current and emerging labour issues.
Young Workers in Action
This course is designed to give young union activists (aged 30 and under) the skills they need to be effective in their workplace. The course will cover public speaking, how meetings are run, how to read your contract, grievance handling, and the basic collective bargaining process.
In Solidarity, 
USW Local 1944