Raising the Bar - Women of the Craft Speak Out

Hello members,
The Raising the Bar project was initiated from discussions at unit meetings on Vancouver Island and in the Interior of British Columbia. Women of the Craft shared their experiences and challenges, sparking immediate action from our leadership. President Donna Hokiro, having attended these meetings, recognized the urgency of these issues. This led to a united effort by Local 1944's Women of Steel Committee and the Workers Compensation and Health and Safety Committee to find a long-term solution for appropriate PPE for women in the craft.
Our Mission:
After extensive research and intense engagement with the experiences of women in the craft, we are proud to have developed a comprehensive approach to not just address, but also raise awareness about the specific needs for women's personal protective equipment (PPE) and apparel in the workplace.
Upcoming Webinar:
We are thrilled to announce the “Raising the Bar: Women of Craft Speak Out!” webinar. This event is an integral part of our mission to educate and engage our members on the significance of appropriate and effective PPE for women.
Date and Time: May 16th at 5pm PST
Location: Via Zoom
How to Participate:
Stay connected with us for updates and how you can join this vital conversation. Whether you're directly impacted, supportive of our cause, or interested in learning more, we welcome you to participate in our upcoming webinar.
Let’s work together in Raising the Bar for women of the Craft. See you soon!
In Solidarity,
1944’s National Women of Steel Committee