Ongoing Payroll Issues

Dear Members,

Once again, Telus payroll problems persist with no end in sight—a glaring testament to their ongoing cost-cutting policies or overall poor planning. Our Union is tirelessly fighting to untangle the mess and ensure every member's issues are not just acknowledged but fully rectified.

To expedite resolution, we have agreed, on a without prejudice basis, to group individual grievances together where practical. Make no mistake – every nuance and individual complaint will be heard during these meetings, led by two stewards and a counselor. These meetings will carve out ample time for each and every complaint. Grievors will not be required to attend the grievance meeting.

For those grappling with financial hardship due to Telus payroll problems, the Union is taking action by actively dealing with Telus to identify and mitigate the fallout of their errors. If the financial strain is unbearable, don't suffer in silence — contact your Telus manager first, then, if necessary, your Union representative and we will seek to have your situation remedied. Additionally, for some members who have been overpaid, the Company will provide a fillable form and will negotiate a repayment schedule; they have guaranteed the Union that there will not be a clawback without a discussion with those affected.

After six weeks of enduring these payroll problems with no end in sight, in fact, Telus expects that errors will continue for at least a couple more payroll cycles. This blatantly violates the very contract that binds employer and worker. Telus made promises but promises alone won't cut it.

If you haven't already, it's time to raise your voice and file a grievance. Speak to your shop steward or use this link. Let's make it abundantly clear that we won't tolerate this egregious disrespect any longer.

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944