Ongoing Departure Programs at Telus Hurt Communities

Hello Members,

The prosperity of Canada’s economy is founded upon good, stable, Union jobs. With that in mind, USW Local 1944 expresses its deep disappointment that Telus, while professing that they ‘Give Where They Live’, has announced that it is offering nearly 2,000 Voluntary Severance Packages and Early Retirement Incentive Packages to Local 1944 members across the country.

We believe it implausible that Telus suddenly no longer needs the labour of up to 2,000 members. It’s clear that this greedy decision by Telus executives prioritizes their own compensation and disregards customer needs.

Telus has a long history of eroding our membership, and evidently has no concern for the impact this has on Canadian communities. Moreover, other Canadian telecom companies are making commitments to invest in Canada and see the value that Canadian workers bring. SHAME ON TELUS.

As a Local Union, we are dedicated to strategizing and finding ways to adapt in the face of these changes. We have full confidence in our ability to navigate this demanding situation while continuing to provide the highest quality service to members.

While every member is entitled to make the decision that is right for them and their family with regard to potentially taking a package, it is very important that members make a careful calculation of the costs and benefits of doing so. In the coming days, the Local will release a guide for members to help them make an informed decision.

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944