New Year, New Payroll Problems

Despite assurances from Telus that everything possible was being done to remedy the ongoing payroll problems, the Union is aware that this latest January 11 payroll run looks to be just as full of errors, if not worse, compared to the last several payroll runs. These payroll errors have been going on since mid-October, with no end in sight, Shame!
Your Union has filed more grievances on this issue than on any other single issue in decades, we’ve issued press releases, done media interviews and leafletted at malls nationally, and we will continue to escalate as required to shine a public light on Telus’ payroll negligence as it affects families across the country.
In communications with the Union, the Company has claimed that the Union is exaggerating the hardships you have been facing. Our best proof that this isn’t the case is your personal testimonials about what improper pay is doing to your financial and mental health, and that of your families.
To publicize your payroll hardships most effectively, we need your latest up-to-date stories of how you are currently being affected by Telus payroll errors, which you can share with the Union by clicking here. Stories that we share will be done so anonymously, whether to the media or to Telus.
Further, in light of Labour Relations’ refusal to meet with the Union to fully share information on what is being done to resolve these Payroll issues, the Union demands to meet with Telus CEO Darren Entwistle to receive a direct explanation from him regarding what is being done on this issue and when members can expect a resolution.
Please stay tuned for more updates.
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944