Federal Anti-Scab Legislation Introduced

Dear Members, 

Yesterday, the federal government introduced anti-scab legislation that prohibits the use of replacement workers in both lockouts and strikes for federally-regulated workplaces. This is a monumental win for our cause and a win that will establish fairness at the bargaining table. 

 This legislation, Bill C-58, brought forward by the NDP through their agreement with the Liberals, imposes a significant $100,000 daily penalty on any employer who attempts to use scabs. This victory brings us one step closer to ensuring a level playing field during negotiations. 

The ongoing lockout of our members by Rogers Communications is glaring proof for why we need anti-scab legislation passed now. As expected, Rogers is attempting to replace our members with scabs to do their work during the lockout. The fact that scab labour is still legal only encourages employers to lock-out workers, and tilts the balance of power too far towards business and against labour. British Columbia and Quebec have both had anti-scab legislation in place for provincially-regulated employers for decades.  

But our work isn't done yet. We need to push for further improvements and ensure the passing of Bill C-58 through the House and Senate. Your participation will be vital, and we encourage you to contact your MP to support this critical legislation. 

“Steelworkers have been part of the fight for anti-scab legislation for decades,” said USW National Director Marty Warren. “Today’s bill is not perfect, but it’s a big step in the right direction and proves the work we’ve been doing is delivering results.” 

This legislation will directly benefit 80,000 USW members and around 1 million workers across Canada. 

Let's continue to rally together to ensure the passing of this legislation, making strides for fairer working conditions and labour rights. Your voice matters in this fight for a better, more equitable work environment for us all. 

Stay tuned for more details and guidance on how you can support Bill C-58. Together, we continue the fight for a fair and just workplace for every worker! 

Take actionTell the Liberals to pass anti-scab legislation (Bill C-58) now!

Right now, Rogers Communications is using scab labour to replace the work of locked-out workers in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and Langley. These workers are federally regulated and are not protected under B.C.’s anti-scab law.

Tell Justin Trudeau and his Liberals to protect workers rights


In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944