Discover USW Local 1944’s new online store

November 29, 2019 - USW Local 1944 is pleased to announce the launching of your online store on the shopping platform Shopify. It’s never been easier to buy a comfy Local 1944 t-shirts, a snazzy hat, a beautiful Women of Steel scarf or keychain. What better way to support your Union in the workplace than to wear your colours on the job.

Visit our online store at

Our online store makes it easy and secure to place your orders, with online secure payment and a confirmation email with an order number.

All our products are union-made. Please note that all items are tax free.

Here is the list of available items:
- USW Local 1944 75th Anniversary mouse pad;
- USW Local 1944 hats and tuques;
- Local 1944 Stronger Together t-shirt, men’s and women’s;
- Union Strong USSW Local 1944 t-shirt, men’s and women’s;
- Steelworkers Humanity Fund t-shirt, unisex;
- Steelworkers Vote t-shirt, women’s;
- Steelworker and Proud to Be t-shirt, unisex;
- Women of Steel and Proud to Be t-shirt, women’s;
- Women of Steel t-shirt, men’s and women’s;
- Women of Steel scarf;
- Women of Steel keychain;
- United Steelworkers Pride Flag;

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Wear loudly and proudly!

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944