Discover the fourth publication of the Women of Steel Committee’s series addressing mental health issues

October 28, 2020 - The Women of Steel Committee has been working on a series of four Special Publications addressing common mental health issues, including burnout. We are releasing one publication each month. All four publications are inter-linked. 

The fourth publication is available for you to read on our web site. It provides practical information on what can be done when members are not able to work at full capacity, or even at all. It describes the options available depending on each case: workplace accommodation, Short Term Disability – Long Term Disability (STD/LTD), Workers’ Compensation, or Medical EI.

The publication also provides some suggestions regarding the supporting documentation that will improve the likelihood of being approved for a benefit coverage. 

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Publication #4: When self-care isn’t working, what’s the next step?
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Did you answer the Burnout Survey yet? Your answers could help determine if you are at risk of burnout, which is the case for over 50% of the respondents to the survey so far. Determining if you are at risk is a first step towards addressing burnout. Please share the survey link with those that you work with and urge your fellow workers to take the survey.

These communication pieces have been created in the spirit of education and empowerment. 

In Solidarity,

Women of Steel USW Local 1944 Committee
Donna Hokiro, Denise Chisholm, Terika Peters, Alina Gherghinoiu, Gigi Wojdyga, Rachel Worley, Sabrina Daniells, and Natasha Aodan