COVID-19 Check-In

June 1, 2020 - During these unprecedented times it is tremendously important for members to communicate with the union and that the union communicates with its members. One fundamental role the Union has is to advocate for improved working conditions on behalf of its members.

We are all impacted by the effects of COVID-19, personally and at work. We are asking that you provide your Union a better sense of how you are being affected, so that we can improve our efforts to help.

For example, a majority of members are now working from home or in an environment as “contact free” as possible. In the rush to be as contact free as possible there may now be some members who do not have appropriate, or necessary support and or equipment to safely perform their roles. There are health and safety regulations to protect workers. Employers are required to provide safe working environments.

Use this link to provide your feedback:

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944