Commemorating International Women's Day

Hello Members,
As we come together today to observe International Women's Day, it is with a profound sense of solidarity and commitment that we also address the challenges faced by women, trans, and non-binary workers within our communities. Doing so aligns with our collective responsibility to help members navigate the interconnected struggles that affect their lives.
Affordability Crisis:
Within the Canadian labour landscape, we have been leaders in advocating for decent work for all, irrespective of gender, race, or migrant status. However, as we reflect on the affordability crisis, we recognize the struggle of workers, particularly women, whose wages are falling behind the escalating cost of living. This challenge impacts their ability to secure affordable housing, provide sustenance, and access essential healthcare.
Care Crisis:
The burden of caregiving disproportionately falls on women, hindering access to quality jobs, education, and training. Unpaid and paid care work often relegates women to part-time, precarious, or minimum-wage positions. We acknowledge the severity of the care workforce crisis and its consequences for those relying on care services for their daily lives.
In Solidarity:
On this International Women's Day, we stand in solidarity with women, trans, and non-binary workers, recognizing their invaluable contributions. We reaffirm our commitment to fighting for gender justice, fair compensation, and a better future for all.
Wishing you a meaningful International Women's Day!
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944