Changes to Telus’ testing requirements for COVID-19

October 13, 2021 - We have been in constant contact with Telus regarding their current requirement for COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Screening.

Telus has agreed with the Union that their policy needed improvement.

We are happy to hear that we were taken seriously and that there will be changes to the testing requirements. Members were previously asked to test on specific days of the week regardless of their schedule. That testing will now be conducted only on working days, and only 30 minutes prior to start of scheduled shift start. There will be no requirement to test on days off.

It was further clarified that all members who start a testing kit must complete the entire ten (10) week testing cycle regardless of any changes to vaccination status. This is a requirement from the Government of Canada and their regulations around test reporting.

For those members who have a change in vaccination status, the attestation tool continues to be open for capturing updates.

Please stay safe and check in for further updates. If you have any questions about the vaccination policy please see your manager.

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944