Celebrate Labour Day with a heart full of motivation and gratitude!

Labour Day offers us the chance to applaud the remarkable achievements of Canadian workers, to recognize the invaluable contributions of labour towards forging a brighter nation. Think of the five-day work week, pensions, employment insurance, parental leave, and occupational health and safety standards – all fruits of labour's labour!

Unions, our driving force, persist in securing equitable wages, benefits, and working conditions. These form the cornerstone of a just and thriving Canadian society.

Today, the labour movement faces powerful and growing challenges. Some seek to undermine the very essence of our work, to cast shadows on our mission. Forces against labour organizations tirelessly campaign to shackle our collective bargaining strength with unnecessary regulations, attempting to tilt the scales away from union organizing.

One of our most pressing challenges is the ongoing battle to preserve and strengthen our collective bargaining power. As technology evolves and the workforce becomes increasingly digital, the dynamics of labour relations are shifting. Employers in our industry often seek to adapt their strategies to maximize profit margins through surveillance, metric-based micro-managing, and so on, which come at the expense of workers' rights and fair compensation. The relentless efforts by certain political entities to impose unnecessary regulations can hinder our ability to organise and collectively negotiate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. These regulations can tip the scales in favor of management, making it even more critical for us to remain united and vigilant in the face of such challenges.

In addition to regulatory obstacles, we are grappling with issues related to job security and the impact of automation. As technology advances, some fear that automation, offshoring, and artificial intelligence could potentially lead to more job displacement. This concern underscores the need for us to remain proactive in advocating for retraining and upskilling opportunities for our members, ensuring that we remain valuable contributors to the evolving landscape. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can continue to protect the rights and well-being of our workers and secure a brighter future for all.

While we celebrate our accomplishments, we must not grow complacent. The institutions that underpin a fair and prosperous Canada are at risk. It's crucial that our members understand the profound impact unions have on their well-being, income, safety, and security.

So, on this Labour Day, let us not only celebrate but also rally. Together, we affirm that fairness prevails, for your union enriches your life and strengthens your community.

In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944