Administrator’s Announcement: Correction to my previous Announcement – TWPP Trustee election will take place at our Fall LUDM

February 5, 2021 - Dear Members,

The election of one Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan Trustee, scheduled to occur in 2021, will be conducted at the Local Union Delegated Meeting set to take place in Fall 2021.

The Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan, which covers almost all Telus members working in British Columbia, is governed by 8 Trustees, four appointed by USW Local 1944 and four appointed by Telus. Under USW Local 1944 By-Laws, the President and Secretary-Treasurer occupy two of these four Local-appointed Trustee positions, while the other two are filled by election to 6-year terms. In 2021, the term of one of these elected Trustee positions ends, and an election will occur to determine the Trustee.

A previous communication of December 23, 2020, which announced the postponement of our planned April LUDM until the Fall, quoted a statement of mine as follows: “As far as the election for Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan Trustee – only LUDM Delegates who are members of the plan are eligible to vote, and that will be incorporated without delay, into their electronic ballot from the safety of their computers, in March” 

However, upon further review, it is clear that the Local 1944 TWPP Trustees Rules explicitly state that Trustee election is to occur “at the Local Union Delegated Meeting by secret ballot”. Furthermore, Trustees are to be elected “from nominations received from the floor of the Local Union Delegated Meeting”. The Local 1944 TWPP Trustees Rules are established as the authority on this issue by the Local 1944 By-Laws, and so these procedures will be followed, as usual, in regard to this election.

In Solidarity, 

Omero Landi
Administrator, USW Local 1944