Administrator’s Announcement: Changes to the Executive Board

December 22, 2020 - In September, Brooke Downey resigned as Ontario’s Regional Executive Officer and her position has been left vacant since that time. Michelle Ravary, already serving on our Executive Board as Trustee, has now been appointed to that position, leaving her position of Trustee vacant.

I am pleased to announce that Natasha Aodan has accepted her appointment to this role, joining the Executive Board as Trustee. Natasha is a USW Leadership Development Scholarship student as well as a member of 1944’s Women of Steel Committee, a PUMA Unit prime and is Chair of Unit 502.

On behalf of USW Local 1944 I would like to thank Sister Downey for her participation and service as a Regional Executive Officer. I also welcome Sister Aodan to the Executive Board

In Solidarity,

Omero Landi 
Administrator, USW Local 1944