2024 Local Union Delegated Meeting – Day 3

Thursday, the final day of our Local Union Delegated Meeting, began with reports from the Women of Steel Committee, the NextGen Committee, the Civil and Human Rights Committee and the Political Action Committee. From the Women of Steel Raising the Bar campaign to the NextGen swag designs and NextGen conference feedback, the Rights presentation at Unit Meetings and the Political Action Committee’s assistance to progressive political campaigns, each Committee showcased the progress they’ve helped the Local make on the Committees’ priority issues.
During the afternoon session, delegates were briefed by the trustees and advisors of the Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan, Long Term Disability Plan, and the Employee Life and Health Plan, which is now referred to as MyUnionPlan@Work. They shared insights on the financial stability and benefits provided by these plans to the members. Specifically, the representatives of MyUnionPlan@Work emphasized the importance of delegates enrolling in the plan if they haven't already, and urged them to advocate for the same within their local communities. This encouragement aims to ensure that our members and their families are covered by a crucial safety net in the event of injury or death. For further details, visit the MyUnionPlan@Work website at www.twplans.com/myunionplanwork.
NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice took the opportunity to delve into the NDP's efforts toward anti-scab legislation, emphasizing the importance of protecting workers' rights during strikes and lockouts to ensure fair labour practices. He highlighted the party's commitment to implementing comprehensive dental care and retaining telecommunications jobs within Canada.
During the closing moments of the convention, a standing ovation was given to the Local's exceptional staff, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. This moment of appreciation was followed by a heartfelt exchange of farewells, thanks, and recognition between the outgoing president, Donna Hokiro, and various delegates, filling the room with emotion.
The event concluded on a high note as delegates united in a nearly flawless performance of "Solidarity Forever," encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and unity that defined the convention.
A heartfelt thank you to all attendees and staff for contributing to a week filled with strength and solidarity. This LUDM was very inspiring and invigorating.
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944