2024 Local Union Delegated Meeting – Day 2

Day 2 of our Local Union Delegated Meeting kicked off in Montreal Wednesday with the Resolutions Committee addressing the delegates.
The Resolutions Committee received 16 resolutions from 8 different units and one recommendation from the Executive Board for a total of 17 resolutions. The resolutions were presented to LUDM for debate by National Vice President Pierre-Luc Dick, Chair of the Resolutions Committee.
Following the Resolutions Committee report, Our Secretary-Treasurer, Michael Phillips, reviewed our financial journey over the last three years, highlighting a significant financial turnaround which allowed the Union to expand its core services and member engagement initiatives significantly.
"The Union is the ever-growing connection between members who pool their resources together and look out for each other, and things like legal representation and bargaining are what come out of that. But everything relies on that original bond which we call engagement, and we also call it solidarity."
The strength of our union's solidarity electrified the room to such an extent, it short-circuited the building's power itself! There was an actual power outage! But this only charged up the delegates, leading us to march together to 630 Boulevard René-Lévesque at the Telus Tower in downtown Montreal. There, we staged a vibrant and resounding rally outside the building, demanding that Telus keep telecom jobs within Canada and to stop their unfair practices. Photos of the event can be seen on our facebook page
Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan Trustee nominees Brother Czar Loquia and Brother Rick Fleming shared their qualifications, and in an election later in the day, Brother Loquia was re-elected
The Worker's Compensation and Health and Safety Committee recognized the unique challenges faced by lone workers and the union's assertive approach to leverage technology for their protection. This initiative underscores the vital importance of workplace safety and the role of collective action in advocating for and achieving tangible improvements in worker safety protocols.
Further into the evening, a surprise banquet was organized for our retiring president, Donna Hokiro, and what a lively evening it was!
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In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944