2021 Local Union Delegated Meeting – Day 3

December 10, 2021 - Thursday, the final day of our Local Union Delegated Meeting, began with special guest speaker Tamara Ramusovic, a partner with the law firm Moore Edgar Lyster. She provided Delegates with an in-depth presentation regarding the legal requirement of employers to ensure a psychologically-safe work environment and how the Union can ensure that these requirements are enforced. With the intensifying pressures members are facing at work, the presentation contained lots of information Delegates will be able to use back on the job.

The LUDM heard reports from the Women of Steel Committee, the NextGen Committee, the Civil and Human Rights Committee and the Political Action Committee. From the Women of Steel Burnout campaign to the NextGen swag mailout, the Rights presentation at Unit Meetings and the Political Action Committee’s assistance to progressive political campaigns, each Committee showcased the progress they’ve helped the Local make on the Committees’ priority issues. 

In the afternoon, Delegates heard from Trustees and advisors of the Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan and Long Term Disability Plan, as well as the Employee Life and Health Plan, now known as [email protected]. Information was shared demonstrating the financial health of each of these plans and their benefits that they offer to members. In particular, Trustees and advisors of [email protected] implored Delegates to join that plan if they have not and to encourage others back home to do so, so that our members and their families will have this much-needed safety net available to them in case of injury or death. For more information, check out the [email protected] website www.twplans.com/myunionplanwork.

At good of the order, the Local’s amazing staff were commended by all in a standing ovation, and Delegates closed off an awesome convention with an almost pitch-perfect rendition of “Solidarity Forever”.

Thanks to all attendees and staff for a fantastic week of strength and solidarity. This was without a doubt our most energizing and successful Convention in decades, maybe even in our entire history. 

In Solidarity,

United Steelworkers Local 1944