2021 Local Union Delegated Meeting – Day 2

December 9, 2021 - Our Local Union Delegated Meeting continued on Wednesday in Vancouver.

The day started with some opening remarks from our National President Donna Hokiro and she invited the Resolutions Committee to present to the delegates.

“The Resolutions Committee is one of the big bold moves we’ve made and I'm very proud of the steps that we’ve embarked upon.”

The Committee received 14 resolutions from 8 different Units, 2 recommendations from the Executive Board and one recommendation from the NextGen Committee, for a total of 17 resolutions. The resolutions were presented to LUDM for debate by National Vice President Pierre-Luc Dick, Chair of the Resolutions Committee. Resolutions adopted dealt with Table Officer headquartering, the LUDM delegate entitlement formula, allowing greater educational opportunities (including virtual training and Unit Officials training), and supporting our NextGen members.

Following the Resolutions Committee report, all LUDM Delegates bussed over to TELUS Garden in downtown Vancouver and held a large (and loud!) rally in front of Telus executive offices, calling for a fair and improved Collective Agreement for all! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO. National President Donna addressed the company in front of the building: “We want to work with you, but we want a fair contract now! We will rise up!”

Telecommunications Workers Pension Plan Trustee nominees Brother Chris Stephens and Brother Michael Thompson shared their qualifications and they were each afforded 5 minutes in front of the Delegates to make speeches in favour of their candidacies.

The Worker's Compensation and Health and Safety Committee shared their concerns with work-life balance, including a desire to limit the ability for employers to contact employees on their time off.

At the close of the session, those Delegates who are members of the TWPP voted for TWPP Trustee, and Brother Chris Stephens was declared re-elected.

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In Solidarity,

United Steelworkers Local 1944