November/December 1944@Work: Let your Union light shine bright

December 24, 2021 - Check out the November/December 2021 issue of your magazine. 

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President Donna Hokiro offers her season’s greetings while reminding us that we can do anything when we do so with certainty and solidarity. As 2022 promises to be full of challenges, now is the time to let our Union light shine bright.

This issue includes several pages of information and pictures dedicated to the 2021 Local Union Delegated Meeting which was held from December 7th– 9th in Vancouver BC, as well as a year in review as portrayed in photos. 

The fight continues for Telus members as the company is very busy bragging about its profits and our talented teams, but not so eager to treat its employees with respect. FAIR CONTRACT NOW! Use the hashtags #RiseUP and #LevonsNOUS on social media to show your support.

Take advantage of the holidays to treat yourself and listen to the first 2 episodes of the new Strong As Steel Podcast; your hosts engage in fun and exciting union chatter with President Donna Hokiro and Secretary-Treasurer Michael Phillips. 

The holiday season is a good time for giving back to our communities; you may consider donating to the Steelworkers Humanity Fund, which provides emergency humanitarian aid for disasters around the world, and contributed to helping Steelworkers after catastrophic events such as the recent flooding in British Columbia. 

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Thank you to all members who got involved this year! Happy holidays and New Year to all.

In Solidarity, 

USW Local 1944