March 1944@Work: USW Local 1944 is organizing, how communications between members and the Local Union make the difference, and more

March 31, 2021 - Check out the March 2021 issue of your magazine. 

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This issue features an article from Acting Vice President Pierre-Luc Dick on organizing workers in the telecom sector across the country. Organizing Canada’s telecom industry as a whole would put a stop to the race to the bottom, where business goes to the lowest-paying companies. 

Earlier this month, members at Telus who were scheduled for taking appointment bookings for COVID-19 vaccines received instructions regarding the login process that were contradictory to the collective agreement and settlements reached between Telus and the Union. It is thanks to direct communication between the members and the Local Union that the issue was dealt with in a matter of hours and the company had to adjust its instructions.

In the March issue of the magazine, you will find more stories from members, ideas on how to get involved, new networking tools in our provinces, and opportunities for scholarships. 

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