April 1944@Work: Local Union Officers and Unit Officials 2021 Election, President Donna Hokiro’s interview on vaccine bookings, REO ON Michelle Ravary raised the bar on women’s health and safety, and more

April 30, 2021 - Check out the April 2021 issue of your magazine. 

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This issue features a recap of the Local’s elections process and introduces the three Tellers who supervised the election. 

President Donna Hokiro’s interview by PressProgress on the vaccine bookings fiasco, and how Telus has a habit of choosing outsourcing over scheduling its own unionized employees.

Regional Executive Officer Ontario, Michelle Ravary – a panelist on the USW District 6 Women’s Committee ‘Raising the Bar’ presentation, a discussion on women’s health and safety – shared some of the ongoing and insidious daily issues experienced by members working in call centres.

In this April issue of the magazine, you will find more stories from members, and ideas on how to get involved.

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