Three years fighting and still no respect for our 54 Brothers at Shaw

November 8, 2019 - Three years ago, Shaw Cablesystems laid off 54 of our members in violation of the collective agreement and the TFR (Technical Field Representative) classification. By doing so, the company deliberately trampled on the seniority list. 

To this day, the Union is still battling through the arbitration process. More meetings with the company are scheduled in the new year.

“On November 8, 2016, Shaw unjustly and illegally laid off 54 Brothers, without a second thought,” said Acting President Donna Hokiro. “These lay-offs  not only harmed 54 members, they harmed 54 families and their communities, they were a direct attack on our Local Union. I will not let the memory of our 54 fade away, justice will be done. Shaw has to be made accountable for the wrong that it has done to these members: the wrong that has been done to them has been done to us all. The fight for our 54 Brothers at Shaw is a fight for us all.”

“Shaw chose to violate our agreement and dishonor the relationship with our Union,” said Jayson Little, Regional Executive Officer for British Columbia, and Unit 60 member. “We have seen countless delays and childish shenanigans by their lawyer. We have heard countless managers line up to testify and berate the good name of the TFRs and their skill set. Shaw has continued to drag this on, rather than attempt to repair the relationship or make restitution to those affected they have chosen to be adversaries and disregard the 54 and their families. It is disheartening that we have to continue with this battle when it is completely within Shaw’s power to bring closure to this matter for these members and their families by settling this, and start the road to repairing a fractured relationship.”

Your Union continues the fight for these members.

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In Solidarity,

USW Local 1944