MAP Communications (formerly Stericycle) Bargaining Update #7 - July 12, 2019

July 12, 2019 - As stated in Bargaining Update #6, the parties announced that the membership ratified a renewed collective agreement. Once the agreement was ratified by the membership, the parties both reviewed the changes prior to printing and made sure that they are in agreement that their bargained intentions are accurately reflected. 

During this proofreading, the parties found a couple of corrections that we would like to draw your attention to: 

The first is the duration. During the ratification meeting, we advised that we agreed to a 3-year term, but the end date will be December 20, 2021, which reflects the parties’ intent of a three year term. 

The second correction, which ties into the duration, is the wage scale. The below wage scale is what will be provided for in the agreement. You’ll note that these values are slightly higher in 2019 and 2020 than discussed in the ratification meeting. This scale reflects the 2.75% increases as discussed, but also addresses the minimum wage projected increases in the province of British Columbia.

With these changes in place and agreed upon by the parties, the printing of your renewed Collective Agreement will begin shortly. 

In Solidarity, 

Your Unit 63 Stericycle Bargaining Committee 
Louise Davis 
Joan Mitchell 
Perry Pasqualetto, Local Union Representative 
Steve McWhirter, Local Union Representative