Posted 2017-May-8

This is an important reminder to members who have yet to vote that tomorrow, May 9th, is election day and it is crucial to make sure your voice is heard. This is a vital election because we can’t afford another four years of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals. The polls show that the race is very close so every vote counts!

A reminder that Article A18.03 and C9.03 state: “an employee eligible to vote shall be allowed sufficient time off with pay from scheduled basic hours to meet legal requirements for voting purposes.” Section 74 of the Election Act establishes that employees who are entitled to vote are also entitled to four consecutive hours free from employment during voting hours on General Voting Day.

Tomorrow, May 9th, 2017, general voting will be available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Pacific Daylight time. Therefore, individuals who normally commence work before 12:00 noon, or who do not normally end their work until after 4 p.m., are entitled to time off from work to vote. No deduction in pay or penalty may result from this time off. The scheduling of the time off is at the discretion of the employer.

For information on where and how to vote click here.

Help bring change for a better BC by voting for John Horgan and the BC NDP tomorrow, as endorsed by USW and the BC Federation of Labour.

In solidarity,

The Telecommunications Workers Union, United Steelworkers National Local 1944