Vice-President BC Betty Carrasco announces her retirement from Local 1944
Posted 2018-Jun-14

Betty Carrasco, Vice-President BC of Local 1944, longest serving-member of our Executive Board, and Chair of our Local's Women of Steel Committee, will retire this month on June 30, 2018, after working for our Local for over 20 years.

For over 37 years, Betty has been active in our Union and dedicated herself to helping people. She started working for BC Tel in 1981 and quickly got involved in the labour movement as a Shop Steward in Unit 50. She later became a Counsellor/Delegate and the Vice-President of the Unit. In 1994, Betty was elected to our BC Tel Bargaining Committee, and four years later, she was elected as Business Agent. She became the second woman elected as a Vice-President in 2007, a position she held until now. She also sat on the Contracting Out and Tech Change Committee, Temp Committee, Bylaws Committee, JEMS Committee, as well as on the Affiliation Committee.
Over the years, Betty has taken on hundreds of arbitrations, and her experience on the matter has been an asset in the mentoring and training of our Local Union Representatives.
"I have had so many opportunities to grow and learn, not only as a unionist, but as a human being," said Betty Carrasco. "All because of my involvement in the union, and I am very honoured and humbled for all that I have learned and all the people that have touched my life."
Betty has been a leading and inspiring figure for women. She sat as Chair on our Local's Women of Steel Committee, CLC Women's Advisory Committee, BC Fed Women's Committee, and the USW National Women of Steel Committee. As a mentor for many other women to take leadership roles within the union, Betty has always believed that a community can only be strong if it nurtures strong women.
"Moving forward, Local 1944 needs to build solidarity to keep our members strong, especially with the ongoing and upcoming bargaining processes with Shaw and Telus," said Betty. "With the transition to the Steelworkers model, I believe that our Local is headed in the right direction and is in great hands. In my opinion, education of our members and preparation of the next group of activists will be the keys to the success of our Local."
As Betty is about to begin the next chapter of her life, Local 1944 wants to address its deepest and fondest thanks for the incredible work she has achieved, and for the countless members whose rights she has defended throughout her career within the Local.
"Betty has been a strong and integral part of our Local's structure for all these years", said Lee Riggs, President of Local 1944. "Her knowledge and skills have been a great resource for everyone in our organization. Betty has been a cornerstone for our Local, and she will deeply be missed for her personal qualities by all who worked with her. On behalf of Local 1944, I wish Betty the very best in her retirement."
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944