USW District 6 Conference 2018 Application
Posted 2018-May-30

The USW will be holding its District 6 Conference on the theme "Power Up - Don't stop, until you've changed the world!".

It will be held in Blue Mountain, Ontario, on September 4 - 8, 2018. The Conference will start with registration on Tuesday, September 4th and continue until noon on Saturday, September 8th.
"Power Up - Don't stop, until you've changed the world!" Agenda Highlights
Tuesday, September 4
4:00 pm: Conference registration
6:00 pm: Area Council Caucus Meetings
8:00 pm: Welcome Reception
Wednesday, September 5
7:45 am: Conference registration
8:00 am: New Delegate Orientation
9:00 am: Call to Order
4:30 pm: Diversity Caucus Meetings
6:00 pm: Blue Mountain Village Event
Thursday, September 6
9:00 am: Call to Order
Keynote: Mary Walsh
Community Action Event
Friday, September 7
8:30 am: Call to order, followed by Workshops
After 12:00 pm: Plenary
6:00 pm: Director's Dinner & Concert
Saturday, September 8
10:00 am: Conference Closing
12:00 pm: Adjournment
Members interested in participating in the District 6 Conference are invited to submit an application for consideration. The deadline to apply is Friday, June 15, 2018 at 4:30 pm (Pacific Time).
In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944