Unit 60 Shaw Bargaining Update #3
Posted 2018-Jan-26

Negotiations for a renewed collective agreement started yesterday, Thursday, January 25, 2018.  The morning started with opening remarks from Lee Riggs, National President of the TWU, USW National Local 1944.
National President Riggs sent a clear message to our employer that if Shaw shows the same level of disrespect towards our members as they showed our Brothers and Sisters in Windsor, we will react aggressively; we will not be starved out and not be intimidated.  We have the support and backing of over 850,000 Steelworkers from across North America.
Your Bargaining Committee is being led by Local Union Rep Jennifer Bucholtz.  It includes Jayson Little, Andy Wong and Corey Mandryk from VTOC along with Tom Sedgwick from Langley and Wallace Koopmans from Surrey.
The company's primary negotiator is Helen Meighan HR Manager whose team includes Ken Erlandson, Brad Weller, and Rachel Paisley.
We presented our objective to bargain a renewed collective agreement for members and OUR families with proposals to address better work life balance and compensation that shows that ALL our members are respected and valued.
The "cultural shift" the company spoke to in their proposals is concerning.  Their idea of fair and ours are different.
We will be making every effort to get additional clarity on all matters when negotiations resume.  Once we have full understanding of the company's intentions, we will communicate further.
We are scheduled to carry on negotiations on February 7th and 8th.
Thank you for your support.
Unit 60 Bargaining Committee