Unit 60 Shaw Bargaining Update #11
Posted 2018-Jul-12

What Shaw is really saying...


We have been working with the Federal Conciliator to resume negotiations with Shaw.  We have proposed meeting July 23-24 and are waiting to hear back from Shaw on their availability.

This is a fight to protect your jobs.  Shaw has created a new group of so-called "non-union employees" unilaterally excluding them from the bargaining unit.  Shaw believes that it can use this new group of employees as an alternative "non-union workforce".

As we wait for Shaw, we thought you might want to know what they have been saying.


Here are a couple highlights from Shaw's submissions to the Canada Labour Board:


[In reference to the work Shaw has assigned to the new non-union employees] "...this work is not

covered by the collective agreement and the employer is at liberty to assign it to managers, contractors

or, non-union employees as it wishes." - Shaw's Lawyer - Howard Levitt, June 19, 2018


The company is claiming they can assign the bulk of the work that they hired you to do to Shaw's new non-union employees.  This is an attack on your job and your ability to earn a living wage.  We must fight together to protect your work and job.  You do that work now!


"...the employer provided similar notice of the change in past practice in the bargaining for Vancouver

and Surrey as it had in Abbotsford.  The union has the opportunity to negotiate amendments to those Collective Agreements if it considers that appropriate and is able to do so." - Shaw's Lawyer - Howard Levitt, May 18, 2018


The company is saying they intend to use non-union employees or non-union contractors to do your work.  They also told us that if we do not like it, then we could negotiate something different while we are bargaining.  We have installers who currently do that work!


"The employer intends to ultimately make the same changes based upon its ending the past practice

 in those two bargaining units.  But it recognizes that those negotiations are ongoing so that any change to past practice which has been announced during those negotiations cannot yet be effective." - Shaw's Lawyer - Howard Levitt, June 19, 2018


The company plans to start giving your work to Shaw's non-union workforce, but they are waiting until after the end of negotiations to do so.  This is a violation of your collective agreement.


At the very start of bargaining, we asked Shaw directly "Are you aware of any plans that will affect our members?"  Their response:  "No nothing we are aware of."


Well, 4 days later Shaw announced their total business transformation and voluntary departure program.  You really have to wonder how Shaw was not aware of something that big was about to be implemented.


Throughout bargaining, Shaw's real intention has become clear.  Shaw wants to eliminate your job, contract out the work, and assign your work to a new group of employees that Shaw unilaterally moved out of the bargaining unit.


You have the power to fight back by sending a strong message that you are ready to fight to protect your job.


Next week, strike votes will be taking place and your Bargaining Committee is encouraging a strong yes vote.  Three strike vote and information meetings will be held on:



Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Croatian Cultural Centre

3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Room A

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


USW Local 2009 Hall

202 - 9292 200th Street, Langley

Main Hall

Thursday, July 19, 2018

8:30 am

USW Local 1944

5261 Lane Street, Burnaby BC



Together, we can show that it is time for Shaw to take negotiations seriously.


Thank you for your continued support!


In solidarity,


Your Unit 60 Bargaining Team

Lee Riggs, Chief Negotiator

Andy Wong

Corey Mandryk

Jayson Little

Tom Sedgwick

Wallace Koopmans