President Lee Riggs

President Lee Riggs


Lee Riggs, 53, a native of Kelowna, B.C., is the National President of the Telecommunications Workers Union (TWU), United Steelworkers National Local 1944. At its 2016 Local Annual Delegated Meeting, Lee was given a unanimous mandate to unite the membership around the shared goal of creating a better and stronger future for telecommunication workers and workers in related fields.

As a lifelong trade unionist and social justice advocate, Lee has dedicated himself to improving the lives of working people across Canada.

At age 19, Lee was hired to work for BC Tel (later to become Telus) and May 2016 marked his 35-year milestone with the company the labour movement.  On the shop floor, Lee worked in Operator Services, Clerical, and Installation and Repair as a ladder truck operator. Over his career, he has been actively involved with workers compensation advocacy, health and safety, collective agreement negotiations, and other labour matters. 

Within the TWU, Lee held many positions. He was elected as a TWU Business Agent in 2006, a position he held until elected as the TWU National President on May 10, 2013. Since 2013, Lee has been a trustee of the Telecommunication Workers Pension Plan and serves on the Board of Directors of Concert Properties, ACM Advisors Investment Committee, and on the board of Castle One Investments. 

Most recently, Lee, as Chief Spokesperson, was instrumental to ensuring the successful merger of the TWU with the United Steelworkers (USW) in November 2014, making the TWU the largest national local of the USW. Lee is also the Chair of the USW Telecommunications Council.

Lee has strong ties within the community and is an active and proud member of the New Democratic Party. He has been involved within the sporting community as an Internationally-ranked Karate competitor, a coach, a trainer with Kelowna Minor Football, member of the Canadian Ski Patrol, and a member of the Coalition of Motorcyclists. He is also an avid motorcyclist.

As National President of the TWU, USW National Local 1944, Lee is working hard to ensure the labour movement is strong and growing and believes through building firm relationships with allies we can make positive change for all working people and retirees.

Lee lives in Kelowna, and works out of the TWU, USW National Office in Burnaby, British Columbia.


National President Lee Riggs can be contacted through his Executive Assistant, Brett Barden, at 604-437-8601 or by email

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