Pink Shirt Day
Posted 2018-Feb-22

On February 28th, 2018, we celebrate Pink Shirt Day, a day that aims to raise awareness of the bullying issue and raise funds to support anti-bullying programs.

  This year, Pink Shirt Day focusses on the theme of cyberbullying:  the internet can be a place for kindness, and we all can be active in stopping the spread of bullying online.  #NiceNeedsNoFilter.

Bullying is well known to happen at school, but it also occurs in the workplace.  It affects people physically, emotionally and mentally, and can cause anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression.  Bullying can be compared to harassment in the way that it involves cruel, offensive and insulting behaviours towards a person.

"On Pink Shirt Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to build friendly and safe workplaces," said Lee Riggs, National President of the TWU, USW National Local 1944.  "In the same way as the Local stands in solidarity for our members, our members shall stand in solidarity for each other, and commit to build a bully-free workplace."

To learn more about the Pink Shirt Day movement and events, to donate or buy a pink shirt, please visit

On February 28, 2018, we encourage all our members to practice kindness and wear pink to symbolize that you do not tolerate bullying.  Please send your photos of you and your co-workers on Pink Shirt Day to


In Solidarity,


The Telecommunications Workers Union, United Steelworkers National Local 1944