Labour Day
Posted 2018-Aug-31

On Monday, September 3, 2018, we celebrate Labour Day.

We remember and give thanks for what unions have done to shape Canadian working conditions and labour rights. Unemployment insurance, safer work places, maternity leave, medical care, weekends, and paid vacation are examples of improvements unions have earned for workers.
Labour Day is an occasion to reflect on the last 74 years, during which USW Local 1944 has been representing workers in communications and related fields, negotiating collective agreements that promote fair wages and equity for all, ensuring fairness for our members, and lobbying for political leaders who advance workers' rights. When we work together, we can make a difference and when we fight for our cause, we fight for the cause of all working people.
A lot of progress has been made throughout Canada since the first Labour Day in 1872, but there is still much to do to protect and secure workers' rights today. Big business and privatization are insidiously changing the rules, attacking unions and labour rights, creating low-wage, part-time and insecure jobs, with no access to basic improvements like pensions or benefits. Canadian workers will only continue to earn better working conditions if every one of us stands up in solidarity to defend each other's rights.
This Labour Day long weekend represents an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow union members as well as with labour activists, and build solidarity within your community. USW Local 1944 encourages all our members to take part in the festivities and join a Labour Day event near you - to march in the streets and ask for a better future. The full list of events throughout Canada can be found on the Canadian Labour Congress website.
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In Solidarity,
USW Local 1944