The Jefferson Awards
Posted 2017-Jan-10

The Jefferson Awards Foundation is the longest standing and most prestigious organization dedicated to activating and celebrating public service.

Created in 1972 by the American Institute for Public Service, those recognized by this esteemed award are ordinary citizens who do extraordinary things without expectation of recognition.

Last year our brother Ron Palmer received a Jefferson Award for the good work he has done to change the service dog laws of Alberta. He has been working with the government of Alberta to make improvements in accessibility and the licensing of service dogs.

We know that our local is full of activists who help their communities and volunteer their time to various causes. If you are one of those activists, or know an activist, you can nominate yourself or others for a Jefferson Award.

Regional winners of the Jefferson Award receive $500.00 US donation toward their cause and national winners receive $1000.00 US. In addition, being recognized allows you to impact more lives by spreading your service message.

Guidelines for USW Nominees
•    Nominee must be a United Steelworker member or employee
•    Public service must be significant and documentable
•    No financial incentive or other benefits may be directly derived by the member in return for their service
•    You may self-nominate
•    Submit application by February 1, 2017.

Nomination forms are available here.

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