Posted 2018-Jan-24

The "JARR" (Job Assessment Risk Review) is a safety checklist mandated by CSD (Consumer Solutions Delivery) Safety for use by Plant/Craft employees and came into effect in early 2017.


ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada), which is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for social programs and the labour market at the federal level, has informed the Local 1944 National Health and Safety Committee that Telus has met the minimum code requirement of 'notification and meaningful consultation' in regards to the JARR.

Your committee is disappointed that Telus is comfortable accepting and only meeting the lowest bar that the code allows and is unwilling to continue working towards a fully agreed form with the Union.

 Your committee reminds all members of our Safety Creed which states, "The demands of the service or the importance of the job are never so great that we cannot do the job safely."

 Members are asked to follow the directions of management and complete the JARR forms as required. The Union believes that the form, in its current edition, is a variation of behaviour based safety, or 'blame the worker', program.




In Solidarity,


The Telecommunications Workers Union, United Steelworkers National Local 1944